Flans and Wine

A collection of seventy fifteenth-century recipes from Evesham Abbey …

“My name is William of Berneslei and I was a monk at the Abbey of St Mary and St Egwin (you probably know it best as Evesham Abbey) in the fifteenth Century.

In this book I have set out some of the recipes that were popular at Evesham Abbey. If you read through our papers, and particularly look at the accounts of the Kitchener and Cellarer, you will find many more. I have tried to choose dishes where the ingredients are available in your time and I have written down quantities, and cooking times and temperatures, so that you will be able to use them. There is also a chapter on what to drink, including some favourite hot drinks that we concocted on cold days.

Why did I call this book: ‘Flans and Wine’? Because, as a special treat on feast days, that is what we were given. I hope that you find this book a treat, also …”

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