Four Accounts of the Battle of Evesham

The Battle of Evesham, on August 4th 1265, was a dramatic event both nationally for the future of the government of the country and locally for the people of Evesham. There are a number of chronicler accounts of the battle and the events leading up to it most of which were written in Latin. Although quotations and extracts from them have been translated into English in secondary accounts of the battle, most of the chronicler accounts do not appear to have been translated as a whole.

Here are four translations, from Osney, Wykes, Trivet and the Evesham Chronicle. All of them are important sources and extracts from them are quite often quoted or referred to by historians. Once again, perfection in these translations is not claimed and Latin words can have different meanings depending on the context, but it is hoped that they are basically correct and will provide a sense of narrative and assist the reader’s understanding of the battle and the different viewpoints of the various chroniclers.
~ Tony Spicer

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