Nine steps in the genealogy of Simon de Montfort …

1.    Amaury de Montfort

Amaury De Montfort’s wife, whose first name is not known, was from the de Cambray family.  There is one child recorded:  William de Hainault, born around 967.

2.    William de Hainault

Was born in 967 and died in 1003.  The name of his wife is not known.  There is one child recorded:  Aumari de Montfort, born 993.

3.    Aumari de Montfort

Was born in 993 and died sometime after February 2nd 1031.  Aumari De Montfort was born at Montfort, northern France and married Bertrade De Gommetz (born around 995).  The following children are recorded:  Simon I de Montfort, born around 1028 and Avamelle de Montfort.

4.    Simon I de Montfort

Was born in 1025 and died in 1087.  Simon, Seigneur de Montfort, first married Isabelle de Broyes.  The following children are recorded:  Amaury de Montfort and   Isabel de Montfort.  He married secondly in 1055 Agnes De Evereux (born in  Normandy) daughter of Richard Everaux and Adele.  The following children are recorded: Isabel de Montfort, born around 1056; Bertrade de Montfort, born around 1059; Amauri de Montfort, born around  1091 (this recorded date cannot be correct as it is too long after his father’s death).  Isabel was born at Montfort and married Ralph de Toeni.  Bertrade was also born at Montfort and she married Philippe I  “The Rude” (Fulk IV).  Their grandson, Geoffrey, married Matilda, grandaughter of Willam the Conqueror and established the Plantagenet dynasty in England.

5.    Amauri IV de Montfort

Born around 1070 and died in 1137.  Amauri De Montfort was born at Montfort sur Ris, Eure, France and died in April 1137.  He first married Richeude of Hainault (no children are recorded of this marriage).  He next married , in 1120, Agnes de Garlende (born around 1095 at Garlende) the daughter of Anselm de Garlende and de Montlhery (first name unknown).  She died in 1181.  One child is recorded: Simon II de Montfort.

6.    Simon II de Montfort

Born around 1117/1121 at Montfort and died on March 13th 1180/1181.  Simon II de Montfort was Earl of Evreux.  He married Maud, whose family is unknown.  The following children are recorded:  Amaury; Simon III de Montfort; Bertrade.  Amaury was the Count of Evreux who died in 1191.  Bertrade married Hugh of Chester and she died in 1227.

7.    Simon III de Montfort

His date of birth was unknown but he died before 1188.  He married Amicia de Beaumont daughter of Robert de Beaumont III, Earl of Leicester.  The following children are recorded:  Simon De Montfort IV, born around 1160; Guy; Petronilla.  Guy de Montfort married first Heloise d’Ibelin and secondly Briende de Beynes.  Petronilla died in 1116.

8.    Simon IV de Montfort

Born around 1160 and died in 1218 at the siege of Toulouse during the Albigensian Crusade.  Married Alice de Montmorency, date of birth unknown, died1221.  Simon de Montfort IV was count of Montfort and through his mother also claimed the English earldom of Leicester, to which his right was intermittently recognized by King John.  He was a participant in the Fourth Crusade (1202–4) and later led the crusade against the Albigenses.  After defeating Peter II or Aragon and Raymond VI of Toulouse in 1213 he was proclaimed lord of Toulouse and Montauban by the Crusaders (1215).  In 1217 Raymond recaptured some of the territory he had lost and in 1218 Simon was killed while besieging Toulouse.  He married Alice de Montmorency, daughter of Bouchard IV de Montmorency and Laurentia of Hainault.  Bouchard IV de Montmorency was the son of Mathieu I of Montmorency and Alice (Aline) who was herself the illigitamite daughter of Henry I of England and most probably Sybilla Corbet.  Thus Alice de Montmorency is the great great great granddaughter of William the Conqueror through an illigitimate daughter of WIlliam’s son, Henry I.   Alice was quite a remarkable woman in her own right, sharing her husband’s religious fervor and often accompanying him on his crusades.  She was present or nearby during many of the battles, including the seige of Toulouse in 1217-18 where Simon met his death.  The following children are recorded: Amaury; Guy; Amicia; Simon V, born around 1208; Robert; Petronilla.

9.    Simon V de Montfort

Youngest surviving son of Simon IV de Montfort and Alix de Montmorency. His paternal grandmother was Amicia de Beaumont, the senior co-heiress to the Earldom of Leicester and a large estate owned by her father Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester in England, but King John of England would not allow a French subject to take ownership of such an estate in England.  As a boy, de Montfort accompanied his parents during his father’s campaigns against the Cathars. He was with his mother at the siege of Toulouse in 1218, where his father was killed after being struck on the head by a stone from a siege engine. On the death of their father, de Montfort’s elder brother Amaury succeeded him.  Another brother, Guy, was killed at the siege of Castelnaudary in 1220. As a young man, Montfort probably took part in the Albigensian Crusades of the 1220s.  In 1229 the two surviving brothers (Amaury and Simon) came to an arrangement whereby Simon gave up his rights in France and Amaury gave up his rights in England. Thus free from any allegiance to the King of France, de Montfort successfully petitioned for the English inheritance, which he received the next year, although he did not take full possession for several years, and was not formally recognised as earl.   Simon was a distant cousin of King Henry III; his ancestor Simon I de Montfort was father of Bertrade de Montfort who herself was a paternal great-grandmother of King Henry II.

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