One Day School 2019

Religion and the Medieval Community

Entrance to Heaven?

I am delighted to be sitting on the Evesham battlefield on an afternoon of late summer sunshine and to be able to announce the 2019 Simon de Montfort Society one day school: Religion and the Medieval Community, on Saturday, October 5th 2019.

This day school is in two halves. In the morning Chris Guy and Margaret Goodrich will be looking at the roles of pilgrimage and of holy women; in the afternoon David Snowden will be exploring the unique features of Cistercian monastic architecture followed by Emily Draper who will talk about medieval stone carving, its techniques and choice of subjects.

Price is again £45 a head including morning coffee, a buffet lunch and afternoon tea.

I have attached a leaflet for the day school. Please forward it to as many of your family or friends who might be interested in learning more about the role religiosity played in the development of medieval society.   



Uniting History and Action